Evening the playing field

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Evening the playing field

Post by kr0n05 » 07 Sep 2007, 14:53

At the moment I know the game is in pre-alpha state, but I think i would be a good idea to even the game out when the new server is ready. By that I mean I think rangers and warriors should have somewhat of an even chance at leveling.

At the moment I bought a bow and used it. I noticed in the bat cave it was twice as easy to level up, same goes for violets/pinkies w/e they are called. So here are my ideas:

Give the pinkie a ranged attack:
-You know, like it swings it's head and the ball on it's antennae comes off, and hits the player.

Give Bats ranged attack:
-Bats can fly, it's would be pretty easy to do something like it throws teeth at you or does echolocation type attacks.

Make warrior skills all level up at once:
-I mean like making the skills dexterity, strength, and vitality all go up at once by using double the skill points required to raise strength, this would even out the game significantly allowing warriors to be near the same power as a ranger.


Make Rangers have more skills to level up:
-If rangers had more skills to level up such as leveling 4+ skills as the warrior does.

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Post by Crush » 07 Sep 2007, 15:27

The gameplay and character system will be completely different on the new server. So all balance considerations based on the old server are useless.
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