TMWServ Development Report August 2007

Content and general development discussion, including maps, quests, and server code from the development team.
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TMWServ Development Report August 2007

Post by Crush » 10 Sep 2007, 14:24

TMWServ is advancing with big steps.

The main addition in August was adding an interpreter and bindings for the LUA scripting language. LUA is much more powerful than the eAthena scripting language and offers features like string manipulation, scientific mathematics, reading and writing files or using external libraries.

LUA scripts are currently mainly used for handling NPCs and already cover most of the NPC functionality we used on eAthena including multiple choice dialogs, checking and modifying players inventory and shopping. Further functionality will follow.

Unrelated to the LUA implementation some simple admin commands were also added for easier testing and server administration.
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