Map cache system

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Map cache system

Post by sir_lance » 22 Sep 2007, 16:37

Some times the internet conexion or the server is slow and the maps take too long for loading. This can be very annoying cause we have to wait... specialy here when all the black scorpions come to kill me.
You should make a chache system for the maps, so if the map has not changed, use the map stored in the client...
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Post by Pajarico » 22 Sep 2007, 16:43

The maps are always stored "in the client", so to speak... It had happened to me too, it just that the connection lags and the server doesn't know if you are going to cross from a map to another. I don't know why is this, maybe the server connection is perfect and the lag is somewhere else in the server...
Bottom line: a cache won't have any effect as the maps aren't fetched from the server.
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Post by Crush » 22 Sep 2007, 17:08

It's not the loading of the map that is delayed by lag - it is the signal from the server to change the map that is sent as soon as the server notices that your character is standing in a portal area.
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