Can't connect to my server

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Can't connect to my server

Post by yvansoftware » 27 Oct 2007, 21:07

My servers are running, but i cannot connect: i get the error
"Couldn't connect to remote host"
I am using - I haven't got any firewall.
The server returns this output:

[21:48:42] [INF] A new client connected from to port 9602
[21:48:42] [INF] Game server localhost:9604 wants to register 10 maps.
[21:48:42] [INF] Registering map 1.
[21:48:42] [INF] Registering map 2.
[21:48:42] [INF] Registering map 3.
[21:48:42] [INF] Registering map 4.
[21:48:42] [INF] Registering map 5.
[21:48:42] [INF] Registering map 6.
[21:48:42] [INF] Registering map 7.
[21:48:42] [INF] Registering map 8.
[21:48:42] [INF] Registering map 9.
[21:48:42] [INF] Registering map 10.

So it can connect...
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Post by Crush » 27 Oct 2007, 21:47

What client are you using? The 0.0.x series is incompatible with the new server. You need a client of the 0.1 series. You can find the sourcecode on SVN in the folder tmw/trunk.
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