Trying to make a TMW Server

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Trying to make a TMW Server

Post by Filipe » Mon Nov 12, 2007 8:13 pm

Hi, i played the TMW and i liked A LOT! So i would like to open my TMW server, but i don't now how.

If possible i would like to know:
> What i need to make a server?
> What's the basic documentation, articles, ect...
> There are tools to help the server?
> I can create NPCs, weapons, map, etc?

I need your help! :wink:
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Post by Crush » Tue Nov 13, 2007 2:17 pm

The current server runs on the Ragnarok Online server eAthena. The software can be found here:
When you google a bit you will find a more recent version of eAthena with a lot of bugfixes. But we can't guarantee you that our server files will work with it and can't help you when they don't.

Note that the configuration files in the above packet are very outdated (or completely wrong when you downloaded eAthena from somewhere else). You should download the most recent ones using Subversion. You can find our server files at the subversion URL ... ata/trunk/

Now you just have to change the ip addresses and inter-server passwords in conf/login_athena.conf, conf/map_athena.conf and conf/char_athena.conf.

Then start the charserver, loginserver and mapserver applications. You should start them from the command line so that you can read the error message when they don't start properly.

Now you should have a TMW server running that is identical to the official one.

When you managed to connect to your server with your tmw client then please look a bit through the configuration files and write again when you have some questions.
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Post by Blamoo » Wed Nov 14, 2007 12:01 am

Crush wrote:You should download the most recent ones using Subversion. You can find our server files at the subversion URL ... ata/trunk/
download Subversion here

to check out lastest server files type this on command prompt:

Code: Select all

svn co
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