Some Suggestions - Please Read & Give Feedback

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Some Suggestions - Please Read & Give Feedback

Post by Holy » 20 Nov 2007, 18:45

Here's a couple of good ideas I've had. Sorry if I write a lot, spell something wrong, or I say something unclear. Just please ask me to restate what it is that is unclear or questionable to you. I'm typing this at school right on now a laptop with a horrible keyboard, while waiting to talk to my teachers at my teacher conferences.

- On-screen, quick use potion button icons, that can display how many points you currently have and are easy to click if you are low on health.

- A bigger town that has a market square with loads of NPC's and NPC owned shops/stalls. And some of the NPC's (the ones who don't own a shop) can loiter around like regular human based characters, looking at shops and stuff like that.

- Some quick equip hot key options where you can choose what to equip to yourself at the click of a button or couple of buttons.

- Mini Quests (more like tasks) that random NPC's can give out as a choice when talking to them that a player can decline or accept if the NPC has a ask for you at hand (so a NPC may not have a job/task for that player at the moment). Like the task of bringing an item to another NPC (of course you'll have to null the item so players won't just keep the item as their own) or picking up something from one NPC to bring to another NPC or something like that. This will allow players to earn small rewards and get better acquainted with the world and locations and stuff. Of course these little random tasks will have to be reset to another task (different of course, so you don't have to do the same thing over and over) when the player has complete the task.

- A world map (I can actually he start on this if needed. I can take various screen shots of the game in each part of the world and put them all together and shrink it to make a world map.) Maybe there is an easy way of doing this but I am willing to help anyway I am needed.

- A little in game note book where players can write information they need to remember or jot done some notes to talk about later on the forum.

- A call home spell or something like it (I believe Rune Scape has a similar spell to teleport to Lumbridge, where the player can use it again after a certain time after already using it), where the player can use it (draining all of their mana or something) to teleport back to the place you go when you die. I forget the name of the city so please excuse my choice of words.

- I know that Elder Scrolls' Games and NeoPets posses this feature, but what about a bartering system? Where you could barter with the NPC in game (probably only with the smaller NPC owned shops and not like the bigger shops like the ones in the Snow Village [maybe shops like the ones I talked about in the market square idea]). Of course players should be able to cut off a large portion of the price or get the price raised a lot more or anything like that. It should be calculated by the original price of the item (say something costs 3k, you could bargain it down to around 200gp less or get it raised to around 200gp for angering the seller).

- If the world map is done then it should have important places,buildings, and things marked out.

I know some of these ideas are very far fetched and some are probably already in progress. Please give me your feedback on my ideas.
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