no more weight restrictions OR item bank

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no more weight restrictions OR item bank

Post by Sertraline » 06 Dec 2007, 07:05

weight restrictions are dumb. they don't make games more fun or more challenging, they're just obnoxious. especially when you can't heal because you're carrying too much. especially when you don't have the option to put items you want to keep somewhere else to keep them safe.

i argue that it would not alter the suspense of disbelief at all if weight restrictions were completely removed. most players of mmorpgs, especially 2d mmorpgs, are familiar with classic rpgs in which there were no weight restrictions, just a magic, unexplained infinite items list. in fact, it would go much further to liken TMW to SNES rpgs if they WERE removed.

but if we can't get past that, at least give us somewhere to put our items.

as you know, you get to a certain point and the only reasons to keep playing are A. self-satisfaction from raising your character to a higher level and B. the artificial economy. the artifical economy depends on items and collecting.

and i personally lose motivation to do so with weight restrictions and no place to keep my items.
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Post by Platyna » 06 Dec 2007, 08:22

Motto wrote: You may have it right or you may have it now, but you can't have it right now.
There will be a bank but not yet, and there surely always will be weight restrictions, maybe even more strict.

Zuzanna K. Filutowska
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