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Post by Argh » 15 Feb 2005, 17:19

Hi again!

I thought about how it would be to implement needs for npcs, or non-player-creatures in general which influence or even define their behaviour.
These needs would have to be fulfilled by the npcs, the higher the lack of fulfilment of one of those needs, the bigger the will to fulfill it. This way, a dynamic world would be created, with animals eating each others (and maybe the players, too).

I suggest the following needs for the beginning:
1. hunger -> if this gets to big, creature starts to eat things he wouldn't naturally
2. thirst -> same thing here
3. stamina -> influences fatigue, if you run all the day you get tidy faster, fulfilled by resting
4. fatigue -> indicates the maximum value of stamina, fulfilled by sleeping
5. healing -> character tries to heal himself bye sleeping more and eating/drinking special things
6. sociability -> caused by lonelyness, characters want to meet others (in towns i.e. people have the need to go to bars at evening)

Number 3 + 4 are something for the player characters too(the others wouldn't mean more fun IMHO) , but the player has to fulfill them by himself.
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Post by Rotonen » 17 Feb 2005, 14:36

Lim f(x) -> infinity.. Where f(x) represents the server load. Otherwise a good idea which reminds me of Black & White and would really breathe liveliness and a sense of immersion in the world if things would behave logically.. :)
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