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'nother suggestion ...

Post by zick » 08 Jan 2008, 04:27

can we consider adding a couple of new animation cycles to an enemy spriteset. here's my ideas:

an appearing sequence: so enemies don't just appear out of thin air, have them enter the field some way like a maggot digging up through the sand, or a lava blob appearing out of a lava puddle.

a weak sequence: when the enemy's hp is low

a decay sequence: after the enemy has died this is the animation shown a couple of seconds after that shows the enemies carcass dissolve ... maybe so we can have the flesh melt off of a muboo skeleton and then have the bones dissolve.
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Post by Jaxad0127 » 08 Jan 2008, 04:30

The last one is already possible with the current system, it's just not used fully.
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