Idea for new armors

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Idea for new armors

Post by Razziel765 » 02 Feb 2008, 06:40

i have alot of ideas for the game because i love playing but it still needs a few tweaks.
my ideas are all armors some just baught others need to be earned with a quest.
i al;so have a idea for a new monster that is needed for a quest i will tell you about later.

Steel Helmet -armor rating +18 this is like a roman helmet (box centurian) but the T slit is all shadowed out.

Steel Curias -armor rating +14 same as plaitmail but more fancy, it is the same as plaitmail but is silver colored and has a vine like patern on the 2 sides of the chest area and has sholderpads like plaitmail but more pointing outward like this < > and is the only armor that i thaught about that is earned in a quest.

Steel Greaves rating +12 cost: 0 this armor i will tell more about location later in this message. this armor piece is simple its just jeans colored silver with a small clean slanted cut on the endings.

Steel Boots -armor rating +10 cost: 20k this is actually shown on the character as silver pointy shoes that connect to the knees and a small sharp point at the end as a kneecap.

Steel Gauntlets -armor rating +10 cost: 12k these are like the boots shown on the caracter but are long and silver and end at the characters elbows.

this whole set is also bonuced if you owned and equipted them all you would get a hp boost and small deffence boost exacte number can be dicided by the creators of the game.

now i will tell about my quest and were things will be found buyed or dropped by monsters.

Quest: talk to a NPC that is named Dagoth and his aperance is like all of the heavilly armored guys like "Master" and the pk guy and can be found in the purple cave snake place on 1 of the islands.
to get the reward of the quest (Steel Curiase) you have to get 5 draggon eggs wich are dropped by Dragon Sprites and these monsters look like little red dragon babbys with tiny red wings and i will tell the stats and area they are in later.

Dragon Sprites are level 60 and have a slow hit rate but lardge attack and has 300HP. they are located in the east dessert and have a drop rate of eggs by 45%

dragon eggs can also be used to restore 250HP.

i have 1 last armor to ask 4

Chainmail Leggings -armor rating +8 this is just pants with same patern as chainmail but a slight bit lighter.

steel helmet -swordsmith in forest village
steel greaves -dropped by dragon sprites same chance as cave snakes and jeans
steel gaunlets -snow city
steel boots -swordsmith in forest village
steel curias -dagoth quest in cave snake area
chainmail leggings -swordsmith in forest village

my only request for these put in the game is that ui get a email from the programers telling me wat they thaught about my ideas and i put alot of thaught in this stuff so please put them in the mana world i beg you all :')
my email is please coment on my stuff. ty.
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