Is possible use PHUN in TMW?

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Is possible use PHUN in TMW?

Post by flipe » 14 Apr 2008, 22:15

Can be possible the use of 2d physic in TMW?

Phun is a Master of Science Thesis by Computing Science student Emil Ernerfeldt for supervisor Kenneth Bodin at VRLab, Umeå University, Sweden. The solver is based on work by Claude Lacoursière

Phun is meant to be a playground where people can be creative. It can also be used as an educational tool to learn about physics concepts such as restitution and friction.

Phun was coded in C++ using OpenGL, GLEW, SDL (for window management), SDL_image (for reading images) and boost, including boost_filesystem. Everything was coded by Emil Ernerfeldt, including the physics engine and user interface.
you can see movies of it in action in the PHUN homepage
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Re: Is possible use PHUN in TMW?

Post by Crush » 14 Apr 2008, 22:28

An interesting application but unfortunately I don't see how it could have any use for TMW.

Although realistic physics as gameplay elements are fun to play with they don't really have a place in a massive multiplayer online game because of the huge amount of data which has to be synchronised between the clients in real-time.
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Re: Is possible use PHUN in TMW?

Post by zick » 03 May 2008, 03:51

The only thing you could really do is push enemies into other enemies/players ... But Crush said it best: That's alot of data to transmit.
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