TMWServ Development Report May 2008

Content and general development discussion, including maps, quests, and server code from the development team.
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TMWServ Development Report May 2008

Post by Crush » 02 Jun 2008, 17:34

The main development focus in May were additional script bindings:

-Events can now be triggered when a being steps into a trigger area
-Events can be scheduled to be executed when a specific time has passed or at regular intervals.
-Scripts can now make beings talk
-NPCs can now have distinct names
-Scripts can detect creatures in a circular area
-Scripts can damage creatures using the normal damage calculation rules.

I started a documentation of the script bindings on the wiki. Everyone who is familiar with the TMWServ scripting engine is invited to help.

We also fixed some issues with admin commands and client privileges, with the guild system and the chat channel system.
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