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Post by Salis » 29 Mar 2005, 22:35

i heard about you from my friend and i wanna try this game out,but when i double click the icon i get this

TMW executed an invalid instruction in
module SDL.DLL at 018f:6e8f29df.
EAX=bff51c53 CS=018f EIP=6e8f29df EFLGS=00010286
EBX=6e8f2b63 SS=0197 ESP=00a8f8a0 EBP=00a8f908
ECX=c8e35220 DS=0197 ESI=00a8f8c0 FS=131f
EDX=8162385c ES=0197 EDI=00bb1440 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
0f 45 d8 89 1d 40 0e 90 6e e8 e3 72 00 00 c7 05
Stack dump:
6e8f2877 6e8f2867 00000001 00000000 00000000 00000000 8165b80f 00000003 00001020 6e8f1daf 00000000 00000000 00400000 00000000 00000000 00000000

any help,it might be tha i don't have SDL installed on my pc,i dunno

also while using the CVS check out this happens

In C:\: "C:\Program Files\TortoiseCVS\cvs95.exe" "-q" "-z9" "checkout" "-P" "tmw"

cvs95.exe checkout: Empty password used - try 'cvs login' with a real password

U tmw/.cvsignore
U tmw/ChangeLog
U tmw/
U tmw/ManaWorld.vcproj
U tmw/NEWS
U tmw/The Mana
U tmw/The Mana World.ico
U tmw/
U tmw/
U tmw/file.list
U tmw/makefile.linuxppc
U tmw/makefile.macosx
U tmw/makefile.mgw
U tmw/makefile.opengl
U tmw/makefile.static
U tmw/data/.cvsignore
U tmw/data/
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/bg_quad_dis.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/button.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/button_disabled.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/buttonhi.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/buttonpress.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/checkbox.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/fixedfont.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/mouse.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/radioin.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/radioout.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/slider.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/textbox.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/thickborder.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/vscroll_blue.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/vscroll_grey.png
U tmw/data/graphics/gui/vscroll_red.png
U tmw/data/graphics/images/login_wallpaper.png
U tmw/data/graphics/sprites/emotions.png
U tmw/data/graphics/sprites/items.png
U tmw/data/graphics/sprites/monsters.png
U tmw/data/graphics/sprites/npcs.png
U tmw/data/graphics/sprites/player_male_base.png
U tmw/data/graphics/sprites/player_male_hair.png
U tmw/data/graphics/sprites/weapons.png
U tmw/data/graphics/tiles/collision.png
U tmw/data/graphics/tiles/desert.png
U tmw/data/graphics/tiles/desert1.png
U tmw/data/graphics/tiles/desert2.png
U tmw/data/maps/.cvsignore
U tmw/data/maps/new_1-1.tmx.gz
U tmw/data/maps/new_3-1.gat
U tmw/data/maps/new_3-1.tmx.gz
U tmw/data/sfx/bow_shoot_1.ogg
U tmw/dist/archlinux/PKGBUILD
U tmw/dist/debian/MakePackages
U tmw/dist/debian/PrepareFiles
U tmw/dist/debian/debianfile.list
U tmw/dist/debian/makefile
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld.6
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld-data_X.Y.Z-R_i386/DEBIAN/control
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld-data_X.Y.Z-R_i386/DEBIAN/postinst
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld-data_X.Y.Z-R_i386/DEBIAN/prerm
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld-data_X.Y.Z-R_i386/usr/share/doc/manaworld/data/changelog.Debian.gz
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld-data_X.Y.Z-R_i386/usr/share/doc/manaworld/data/copyright
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld_X.Y.Z-R_i386/DEBIAN/control
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld_X.Y.Z-R_i386/DEBIAN/postinst
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld_X.Y.Z-R_i386/DEBIAN/postrm
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld_X.Y.Z-R_i386/usr/games/manaworld
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld_X.Y.Z-R_i386/usr/lib/menu/manaworld
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld_X.Y.Z-R_i386/usr/share/applications/manaworld.desktop
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld_X.Y.Z-R_i386/usr/share/doc/manaworld/changelog.Debian.gz
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld_X.Y.Z-R_i386/usr/share/doc/manaworld/copyright
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld_X.Y.Z-R_i386/usr/share/games/manaworld/manaworld-icon.png
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld_X.Y.Z-R_i386/usr/share/man/man6/manaworld.6.gz
U tmw/dist/debian/manaworld_X.Y.Z-R_i386/usr/share/pixmaps/manaworld-icon.xpm
U tmw/docs/.cvsignore
U tmw/docs/FAQ.txt
U tmw/docs/HACKING.txt
U tmw/docs/
U tmw/docs/items.txt
U tmw/docs/packages.txt
U tmw/docs/progression.txt
U tmw/docs/INSTALL/debian.txt
U tmw/docs/INSTALL/linux.txt
U tmw/docs/INSTALL/win32.txt
U tmw/docs/SOURCE/tmw.doxcfg
U tmw/docs/SOURCE/
U tmw/docs/meetings/dev-20050204.txt
U tmw/docs/meetings/dev-20050211.txt
U tmw/docs/meetings/dev-20050218.txt
U tmw/docs/meetings/dev-20050225.txt
U tmw/obj/graphic/placeholder.txt
U tmw/obj/gui/placeholder.txt
U tmw/obj/net/placeholder.txt
U tmw/obj/resources/placeholder.txt
U tmw/obj/sound/placeholder.txt
U tmw/src/.cvsignore
U tmw/src/
U tmw/src/base64.cpp
U tmw/src/base64.h
U tmw/src/being.cpp
U tmw/src/being.h
U tmw/src/configuration.cpp
U tmw/src/configuration.h
U tmw/src/engine.cpp
U tmw/src/engine.h
U tmw/src/floor_item.cpp
U tmw/src/floor_item.h
U tmw/src/game.cpp
U tmw/src/game.h
U tmw/src/graphics.cpp
U tmw/src/graphics.h
U tmw/src/log.cpp
U tmw/src/log.h
U tmw/src/main.cpp
U tmw/src/main.h
U tmw/src/map.cpp
U tmw/src/map.h
U tmw/src/sound.cpp
U tmw/src/sound.h
U tmw/src/graphic/spriteset.cpp
U tmw/src/graphic/spriteset.h
U tmw/src/gui/button.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/button.h
U tmw/src/gui/buy.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/buy.h
U tmw/src/gui/buysell.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/buysell.h
U tmw/src/gui/char_select.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/char_select.h
U tmw/src/gui/char_server.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/char_server.h
U tmw/src/gui/chargedialog.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/chargedialog.h
U tmw/src/gui/chat.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/chat.h
U tmw/src/gui/checkbox.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/checkbox.h
U tmw/src/gui/confirm_dialog.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/confirm_dialog.h
U tmw/src/gui/equipment.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/equipment.h
U tmw/src/gui/gui.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/gui.h
U tmw/src/gui/inventory.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/inventory.h
U tmw/src/gui/item_amount.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/item_amount.h
U tmw/src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/itemcontainer.h
U tmw/src/gui/listbox.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/listbox.h
U tmw/src/gui/login.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/login.h
U tmw/src/gui/minimap.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/minimap.h
U tmw/src/gui/newskill.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/newskill.h
U tmw/src/gui/npc.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/npc.h
U tmw/src/gui/npc_text.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/npc_text.h
U tmw/src/gui/ok_dialog.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/ok_dialog.h
U tmw/src/gui/passwordfield.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/passwordfield.h
U tmw/src/gui/playerbox.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/playerbox.h
U tmw/src/gui/progressbar.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/progressbar.h
U tmw/src/gui/radiobutton.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/radiobutton.h
U tmw/src/gui/scrollarea.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/scrollarea.h
U tmw/src/gui/sell.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/sell.h
U tmw/src/gui/setup.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/setup.h
U tmw/src/gui/shop.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/shop.h
U tmw/src/gui/skill.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/skill.h
U tmw/src/gui/slider.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/slider.h
U tmw/src/gui/stats.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/stats.h
U tmw/src/gui/status.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/status.h
U tmw/src/gui/textbox.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/textbox.h
U tmw/src/gui/textfield.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/textfield.h
U tmw/src/gui/window.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/window.h
U tmw/src/gui/windowcontainer.cpp
U tmw/src/gui/windowcontainer.h
U tmw/src/net/network.cpp
U tmw/src/net/network.h
U tmw/src/net/protocol.cpp
U tmw/src/net/protocol.h
U tmw/src/net/win2linux.h
U tmw/src/net/win2mac.cpp
U tmw/src/net/win2mac.h
U tmw/src/resources/image.cpp
U tmw/src/resources/image.h
U tmw/src/resources/mapreader.cpp
U tmw/src/resources/mapreader.h
U tmw/src/resources/resource.cpp
U tmw/src/resources/resource.h
U tmw/src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp
U tmw/src/resources/resourcemanager.h

Error, CVS operation failed

can anyone help?
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Post by ElvenProgrammer » 30 Mar 2005, 07:55

cvs95.exe checkout: Empty password used - try 'cvs login' with a real password
This line it's normal when you're using anonymous checkout.
Error, CVS operation failed
I redid an anonymous checkout and I'm getting the same output except for the line quoted, I get successful operation instead. I think that if you make an update everything should be fine. Anyway resourcemanager.h is the last file you get so you should have everything you need :D

About the SDL.DLL error, it's strange, it didn't happen before. If you don't have SDL installed doesn't matter if you don't want to compile it.
I suppose you're using 0.0.10 installer, so we have 2 solutions: If none of those works, feel free to send me your debug files: tmw.log, stdout.txt, stderr.txt. You can find them in your main folder. Please help us to solve this problem, we want TMW to be as stable as possible.