Saving the Regions

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Saving the Regions

Post by kr0n05931 » 09 Aug 2008, 01:11

As some of you may know after TMWServ is up there will be a movement of the various areas to different continents, which means that Tulimshar and the Ice Area will be possibly nuked due to inability to go there. Well to remedy this situation I made 3 maps for trans-continental caves under the water. Please post feedback ;)

Btw, these caves will link up with Jaxad's cave underneath hurnscald. I hope these are a temporary relief until ships are made for continental travel.

Hurnscald-Tulimshar cave

Info: Now this was originally made for newbies so they could easily take an alternate route to hurnscald rather than taking the beach. It is a very long winding path that will link up with Jaxad's cave. But based on future events, this could save the Tulimshar/desert area from vanishing when the areas are moved.

Preview: ... ve5hz6.png

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Tulimshar-Ice Village cave

Info: This is made so that when the ice village is moved to the new continent north of the central one people can still access the region. This will also link up with Jaxad's cave.


Part 1: ... aveiq5.png

Part 2: ... avevs1.png

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