something that bothers me(can't be fixed)

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something that bothers me(can't be fixed)

Post by palaxius » 26 Aug 2008, 14:45

This is not quite a bug.
It's about a storage account I made around 9 months ago.
On my main char I had not enough space to put my rares on so I decidedto make an storage account. I did it and everytime I had a rare I put it in a store char. After a while i had so much that I was bored and quit for a while (btw: in about 1 month a had started merchanting and it paed well but evntually it got bored and i quitted with approx. 2 full rare sets all christmas 2007 rares 3x and 9 normal goggles 5 vnecks and 3 mills of cash)after that i came in may or june to check out if the peepz i met. i had a second bank with a mil or 2 with no rares that one was for some reason deleted. i started to check on my bank account but that one wasn't deleted,i forgot that pass. i checked on my main char Exzenosis who was al fine. i told dave the problem and he gave me 600k. when i wanted to train i found out that the fast attack bug was fixed so i had no skills without it( lol ). i decided to quit. 1 months earlier i checked on it and everything was fine but i only checked my main bank and main archer. i came back on later this week and i remembered my pass but for some reason my name didnot work!! in that week i was asking why it could be that my bank was deleted. i found dave and he said that 2 months ago platyna deleted all accounts who were inactive for 6 months. i thought that was it but it didnot match with my main bank cause i was active in those 6 months.
i really dont like it. i need to work all way up again i got no rares atm only barely got cash and noones willing to sell rares for the cash i have. anyone knows how this can be my pass is strictly personal, noone will ever find out, i got a clean pc with good anti-virus ect. so noone can get my pass. if you can help me out tell me if you can't tell me to.
help is appriciated!


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Re: something that bothers me

Post by karol » 21 Sep 2008, 06:09

o.O :idea:
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