Feedback - Delay

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Feedback - Delay

Post by ikms » 15 Oct 2008, 00:24

I would like to know what if anything can be done about delay I am experiencing when playing TMW.
(Some other players that I have mentioned this too, call it Server Delay ?)

Worst case was in the mine, I had been killing Red Slimes, and decided to leave the cave and go to the village.
While leaving the cave I became stuck at the exit, and being attacked by monsters, I soon died.
(I did want to go back to the village but had not thought of doing it this way)

The same thing happened later in the day, just walking through the mine where everything disapperared,
but I was still being attacked by monsters whch I had been previously walked past.

Before I spend any money buying a new machine/upgrading my Internet connection to play TMW on.

Is this problem:
1. At My End (Do I need a more advanced machine, with a faster graphics card),
2. At TMW Server (RAM, Internet Connection speed, or more complicated than I can imagine)
3. At My End (Do I need a Faster interent connection ?)

Any suggestions appreciated ................

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Re: Feedback - Delay

Post by Jaxad0127 » 15 Oct 2008, 01:13

This is due to the server inflicting a stun every time you get hit, and the client not responding to it.
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