Suggested Quest - TMW Census

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Suggested Quest - TMW Census

Post by ikms » 04 Nov 2008, 08:54

I would like to see a very basic census in TMW
My starting suggestion is:

To find out a little more about the TMW user base.................. our audience

1. How did you hear about TMW
(1) Family/Friend
(2) Programmer/Developer/Moderator/TMW person
(3) Other (max 3 lines)
(4) Not Saying

(Answer: What has been the most effective means of promoting TMW, encouraging others to contribute their time and efforts to the Project)

2. How do you access TMW
(1) Linux
(2) Windows
(3) Other
(4) Not Saying

(Answer: What O/S are most of our Users using, may assist in TMW Support)

3. When you access TMW you are mostly at:
(1) Work
(2) Home
(3) Not Saying

(When our our users accessing TMW, in their day)

4. From which continent are you accessing TMW from
(1) Europe
(2) Asia
(3) Nth America
(4) Sth America
(5) Africa
(6) Oceania
(7) Antartica
(8) Not saying

(I was thinking of load sharing with this question, perhaps down the track a user could be given a choice of Servers to logon too, so that is one crashes, they have another one elsewhere. also perhaps this question could be more language focused, rather than Continent focussed, for example TMW might enable the NPC's to ask their questions in a users own language.)

5. What age group are you in
(1) 0-20
(2) 21-40
(3) 41-60
(4) 61-80
(5) 81 or older
(6) Not Saying

(I dont really like asking personal questions like this one, but it would be intersting to know exactly what age groups TMW is appealing too)

6. What do you like about TMW
(1) Other ( Max 3 lines)

(Just wanting to know what most appeals in TMW)

7. What do you dislike about TMW
(1) Other (Max 3 lines)

(Same as above but what is the most annoying thing in TMW - I believe that Server Lag (in Australia) can be annoying

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this survey
Quest Completed

This may be a purely optional quest - with no reward (This would discourage peoples "Mules" from wasting their time and doing the Census)
or could be he quest needed to open a Safety Deposit Box (Storage) (Which is another Suggestion in this Forum)

Also the entire exercise may simply be far too costly (time consuming) to do, particually if the questions that are going to be asked, dont 'directly' benefit TMW development.

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