[dis] rule talk about gear

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[dis] rule talk about gear

Post by the janitor » 17 Nov 2008, 10:05

this was just somethig i was thinking about the frighteening 100% def mark
its imposible to build a long term rpg with only a 100% range to build on
too much restriction to build upon

i asked if i could help on rule developement and got awnsered yes
i read some forums tough i havent made many input yet (none apart some ideas)
stats wise i dont feel able to make a concrete topic yet as i have still a lot to learn about the math system of the game
and it would be pointless to argue about something i dont fully understand yet aint it ?

my point on this tough
i have spent a long time building pen and paper rpg's (over 10 years) because i was unhappy with the rules system
companies provided (belive me i tried a lot)
what i could learn from this experience (im sorry my english can be kinda bad here plz post if im not understood well)
i will try to stick on abstract rule talk as i said im not comfortable yet with concrete rule talk

- long term developement is important (now as i can see it we are pre alpha and already near the choke point with gear)
and yet we have hardcore players that could continue a long time to play if provided the means
- - this is an mmorpgs i dont know what you guy's have in mind for the long run but in my head when i think mmo i see hundreds of monsters (not 20) lots of common gear and lots of rare gear for all level (see below for gear)
- - - this game can technicaly be infinite (being open source) so if players reach the top they can always develop stuff to continue play it would be good if the rule system allowed this
- - - with a 100% scale you can technicaly have an infinite developement patern what if an armor had 125% def and a monster 200% hit rate, or even an armor that give 10 000% def and a monster that have 15 000% hit rate (ok this one is wayyy over reality but its just an example)

- almighty gear, mmm gear is of the utmost importance in the game gear is what defines you what allows you to go where you go and to stay there and what you look like
- - but what is gear what is an armor ? basicly armor dont allow you to dodge (have you ever wear a full plate armor in RL i did
you dont go dodging blow with this) i provides protections against the force of the impact
- - - in RL the protective benifits on an armor comes with a high price, high weight, lost mobility, cumbersome movement, lost vision and so
- - - - in tmw the armor only provides benefits so it only create two types of armor the warlord plate mail and the rest of the crappy ones
- - - - - if the armor provided bonuses and malus it would open lots of new creation outlets for gear, from the light armor with almost no malus but low bonus lets say + 30% def - 10% att speed - 5% hit rate to the uber cumbersome full plate iron armor
+ 80% def - 50% att speed - 30% hit rate
- - - - - -now heavy gear and light gear exists there can be good heavy gear crappy heavy gear rare heavy gear common heavy gear same applies to light gear mage armor weapon boots hats everything its a triangle between power malus and magical encnhantement (if there is magic there must be magical items)
- - - - - - -powerful gear for archetype characters should have stats requirements that ensure a pure melee warrior wont wear the mage's staff of fireball

am i living completely on another planet or this somewhat makes sense
whats your opinion on this
i want a [DIS] if possible :P
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Re: [dis] rule talk about gear

Post by Crush » 17 Nov 2008, 13:36

When you are interested in the math behind the game I would recommend you to take a look at http://rodatazone.simgaming.net/
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