Performance and game-data statistics counter for tmwserv

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Performance and game-data statistics counter for tmwserv

Post by Exceptionfault » 16 Dec 2008, 09:04

It would be nice to have an easy way to log several statistics and see their change over time. This could help solving performance issues or rebalance economy. Here are only a few possibilities of loggable characteristics:

  • AVG gp per character
  • AVG exp per character
  • monsters killed by type
  • users per map
  • traffic in bytes between game-server and account-server
  • logged on users
A preferred mechanism to store such an amount of values would be using the rrdtool ( Using the graphing mechanism allows us to create beautiful graphs about user growths or whatever. ( I wouldn't suggest storing those values in the database used by the account-server to separate real game data from the informational "overhead" data.

As logging those values and compiling rrdtool will cause some effort / overhead, logging should be an optional coponent of tmwserv using a compiler switch.
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