Merge game world Organizations and player Groups

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Merge game world Organizations and player Groups

Post by Fern »

I'm a very new player of this game... so I'm not really sure how much this makes sense, but I'll try to explain this idea...

I've noticed that, in the wiki, there are two separate pages, one for "organizations" (marked as a "game world"-only conceptualisation) and another one for "Player Groups" (marked as player content, prohibiting to extend to further pages).

Then, I thought that it could be a nice idea to do the same that some MUDs do, allow Player Groups to have their own history and place in the world (only if they want to build it), and have an important role in the whole story development, contributing to make a dinamically changing story. Allowing the players to live the story, instead of reading it from NPCs.

I think this is a good idea for an open source project, because it could be possible for the Group to develop their own building/map/meeting point for their members (maybe each Group having some special NPC or special room for only members allowed).
I think this maybe can make the players be more implicated to the project, and be a motivation for contributing with new content and new background story.

Of course, every new Group, building, or any addition that is not approved by a Moderator would not be allowed.

I think it would be so cool if instead of talking with a NPC, clicking senselessly, for joining something, you could just discuss with real people and interact. There should be some point in the game that you should be somewhat pushed to interact with other players. Players interaction is the true fun of these kind of games, else the game will get boring after a while.

I like the fact that this game hasn't a difference between "classes"... I mean, there are no real division between warrior, archer, etc.. the only difference is in the status points (I believe), and the way you have built up your character. I think this is a good thing for allowing the players to develop and roleplay whatever their own class they want to be, and this can be reflected on the Group (Organization) the player is in. There should be some kind of info displayable about each player that allowed you to see some description and what organization is it in, or some tiny icon next to the nickname. Also some chat channel to communicate with the members of the organization could be nice. Maybe some way to "teleport" to the guild's base (by magic Menhir/NPC/whatever..).

This could also lead to new ways to interact between Groups... maybe in a war between some Groups they decide to try to set a trap near the meeting point/building of the enemy Group, etc...

And each group could have a place according to the nature of the group, improving the roleplaying nature of the group (The lawful warriors guild have the academy in a lawful city, swearing protect it... the order of thieves have some abandoned building in a dark street... the forestal rangers have a hidden forest or a house in a tree.. etc
Of course, if someone just doesnt want to roleplay he doesnt need to join the group, but in my opinion this could make the game more charming for everyone
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Re: Merge game world Organizations and player Groups

Post by 5t3v3 »

I like your idea of each guild being responsible for adding content. I have suggested clan/guild npc's in the past, and a lot of discussions on clan/guild houses have also occured here. most of it will probably have to wait 1.0 though
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Re: Merge game world Organizations and player Groups

Post by Crush »

We already integrated some content based entirely on user-generated game lore. Dimonds Cove, for example.

But the problem with integrating all kinds of user-generated lore and background in the game is that it stays in the way of planned and controlled world- and story building from the side of the development team.

Too many cooks spoil the brooth. When we would allow anyone to have creative influence on the game world it would soon be an inconsistent mess.

But when you have a kick-ass idea for a new faction or organisation in the game feel free to write an article on the wiki. When it fits together with the rest of the game lore it will surely find some attention.
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