A little assistance?

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A little assistance?

Post by tralfalmadore » 07 Jan 2009, 01:38

I recently found The Mana World and I'm very excited that there is so much work still to be done. It seems like the game is in quite an early stage, and that I would enjoy participating, where I'm able, in the development process. First though, I want to make it clear that I don't have toooo much free time at the moment, so any contributions I make will need to be fairly limited in scope. That being said, here are my skills:

1) PHP, HTML, CSS, MySql, and Javascript
This is my strongest skill set. I've been doing php and the like with my company(the one i work for, not mine) for almost two years now. Graphic designers design everything that i do professionally, so I never got too good at that, but actual programming is an area that I'm pretty confident in. Here is an example of two of my sites:

http://rememberstuff.net/home.php <- this is a little project I started but never finished, the idea was to encourage sharing of flash cards for college classes. I still plan on finishing it soon.

http://andyabroad.com/ <- this is a more recent project. Its basically just a blog with a (hopefully) user friendly back-end interface to make changing the styles, writing updates, and uploading pictures as easy as possible.

2) Writing
I think I'm a pretty decent writer and sometimes I can be fairly creative. Maybe I could help a little bit in designing the story type aspects of the game. Here is an example or two:

http://www.helium.com/items/664649-is-d ... of-privacy


I've never written anything fantasy oriented but I think I could. I've read enough of it and played a few MMORPGs

3) Real Programming (VB, Java, C#, C++, Perl)
I took java for two years in highschool, but didn't learn much. I did a little VB before highschool but never got far with it. I've done some C# and Perl recently but I'm pretty limited in those areas too. C++ is something I'm not to keen on, but I think its alot like C#. I understand that this game is written in C++ although I havent looked at any of the code. I might tonight. In all honesty, my real goal is to be able to contribute to the actual C++ development, but I am so inexperienced in C++ that I'll have to hold off on this. Its always been a high priority language for me to learn, so I hope I can do that within the next month or so. As i said, this is where I would ideally like to contribute. Maybe if there are some tasks that are relatively simple but undesirable I could start off with something like that since it would let me begin to get familiar with the code. I'm also interested in the server-client relationship and how all that stuff works even though I don't know much about it. Let me know if there's something simple I could do in these areas, since it seems fun.

4) Graphic Design.
I'm not too good at this. At my work, people do all the design and I handle the functionality aspects. For examples, see the websites i posted. I did all of that design, although it's not much. I remember reading somewhere that doing the maps was an easy task and didn't require much knowledge, so I'd be willing to do that if its simple enough.

5) Guitar.
I can play guitar a little bit. I don't know how to make any sounds that would go good with the game, but It is sort of a skill of mine so i figured id throw it out there just in case.

Let me know if there's anything you are working on that seems like it would fit my skills. I was looking at the potential new website, http://tmw.mericet.de/index.php and I think my skills are plenty good enough to help out there, so that could be a possibility. Keep in mind I'd be on a rather restricted time schedule so small tasks are better. Hope I can help,
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