Not sure, can't see log in on start of game. (SOLVED)

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Not sure, can't see log in on start of game. (SOLVED)

Post by Dies » 31 Jan 2009, 23:25

Hello, tried game last night and its pretty cool.
While in game and exploring I noticed I could change the resolution to 1024 768 so I did. It did not click so I hit it a few more times. Finally I noticed the apply button and then the screen went full.
That was cool, however after trying to log back in, I noticed that the game starts full screen however the log in box is nowhere to be found. I see one error in the TMW log.
I can post the TMW Log here it is.
I put Oops smileys behind the error I see.
Thanks for looking and help. I usually would just move on and remove the game but this one seems to good to let go without a little trouble.

[22:09:57.05] Starting The Mana World Version 0.0.26
[22:09:57.05] Initializing SDL...
[22:09:57.16] Initializing resource manager...
[22:09:57.16] Adding to PhysicsFS: /home/mikem//.tmw
[22:09:57.16] Adding to PhysicsFS: data
[22:09:57.16] Error: File not found
[22:09:57.16] Adding to PhysicsFS: /usr/share/games/tmw/data
[22:09:57.16] Initializing configuration...
[22:09:57.16] Setting video mode 800x600 fullscreen
[22:09:57.35] Using OpenGL with double buffering.
[22:09:57.35] OpenGL texture size: 512 pixels
[22:09:57.35] Initializing GUI...
[22:09:57.35] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/sansserif8.png
[22:09:57.35] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/rpgfont_wider.png
[22:09:57.35] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/hits_red.png
[22:09:57.36] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/hits_blue.png
[22:09:57.36] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/hits_yellow.png
[22:09:57.36] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/mouse.png
[22:09:57.36] Window::Window("Window")
[22:09:57.36] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/vscroll_grey.png
[22:09:57.36] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/bg_quad_dis.png
[22:09:57.36] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/close_button.png
[22:09:57.36] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/browserfont.png
[22:09:57.36] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/target-cursor-blue-s.png
[22:09:57.37] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/target-cursor-red-s.png
[22:09:57.37] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/target-cursor-blue-m.png
[22:09:57.37] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/target-cursor-red-m.png
[22:09:57.37] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/target-cursor-blue-l.png
[22:09:57.38] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/target-cursor-red-l.png
[22:09:57.38] Sound::init() Initializing sound...
[22:09:57.39] Sound::info() SDL_mixer: 1.2.8 (compiled)
[22:09:57.40] Sound::info() SDL_mixer: 1.2.8 (linked)
[22:09:57.40] Sound::info() Driver: alsa
[22:09:57.40] Sound::info() Format: S16LSB
[22:09:57.40] Sound::info() Rate: 22050
[22:09:57.40] Sound::info() Channels: 2
[22:09:57.40] Sound::startMusic() Playing "/usr/share/games/tmw/data/music/Magick - Real.ogg" -1 times
[22:09:57.40] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/images/login_wallpaper.png
[22:09:57.49] Warning: image too large, cropping to 800x600 texture! :oops: :oops: :oops:
[22:09:57.50] State: LOGIN
[22:09:57.50] Window::Window("Login")
[22:09:57.50] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/deepbox.png
[22:09:57.50] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/checkbox.png
[22:09:57.50] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/button.png
[22:09:57.50] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/buttonhi.png
[22:09:57.50] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/buttonpress.png
[22:09:57.50] Loaded /usr/share/games/tmw/data/graphics/gui/button_disabled.png
[22:10:04.21] Window::~Window("Login")
[22:10:04.21] State: EXIT
[22:10:04.21] Configuration::write() writing configuration...
[22:10:04.21] Window::~Window("Window")
[22:10:04.21] Sound::stopMusic()
[22:10:04.21] Sound::close() Shutting down sound...
[22:10:04.27] Unloading item database...
[22:10:04.27] ResourceManager::~ResourceManager() cleaning up 1 reference to graphics/images/login_wallpaper.png

Solution was in linux forum, thanks.
Open ~/.tmw/config.xml and set the option 'screen' to '0'. If this does not work, you can delete the config.xml and TMW will get back to the default settings.
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Re: Not sure, can't see log in on start of game.

Post by EJlol » 31 Jan 2009, 23:33

that shouldn't be problem. You could always try to delete the config.xml. This can be found in some kind of hidden tmw directory. (Im not a linux expert, so i dont know the exact location :P , directory should be called ".tmw")

EDIT: try ~/.tmw/config.xml :wink:
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