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Items / Trade / Team / Economy talk

Post by art69pl » 01 Feb 2009, 19:18

Hi everyone in first sentence I would like to say my english is not so good :) but I will try to say what I would like you to visualize... my idee to make this game better. ( I'm from Poland ,for these who can understand me I can write more in my own language )

0. Items
Items in Mana world are the worst thing, there is no rare items going from monsters, like if you have plaied Diablo there was many legendary/unique items. Or items what you can upgrade by yourself and the items can be destroied, this makers the market working - like if you have sword, let people to see it, if people would see that your sword have fire on it, they would like to have the same sword like you have ! this make market works.

1. Trade/Market
There is missing a good way to trade items in this game,
Photo 1. ... -03-06.jpg
In that photo we can see that people in game called knight online, they have left their accounts loged in and they are seling items on merchants this is good way to make money and create movement on market.

2. Team
Teams in mana world are missing couse if you have team and the team player can have more exp being with you in temat thats great !, the same with bosses, to kill them we need teams :)
Team chat,

3. Economy
Economy can be build by making point 1+point 2, and for that we need to have something to speend money FOR ...

in game Knight Online there was a castle, the owner of the castle was a Guild which had best players, and they were defending it from other players, every 3 days we could fight to be king of the castle, it was fight like a Gouild vs. whole server. Owner of the Caste had to spend much money for pots, powerups etc. this is good for creating a economy, as weel owner of the caste could create a TAX for server :) if players buy/sell items they have to pay tax, money from tax goes to Guild which has Castle.
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Re: Items / Trade / Team / Economy talk

Post by Jaxad0127 » 01 Feb 2009, 21:02

Limitations of the current server prevent a lot of this.
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