[FIXED] Jackets not equiping and duplicating

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[FIXED] Jackets not equiping and duplicating

Post by proglottis » 21 May 2005, 15:12

I traded some guy for a leather jacket and I can't equip it.

I figured I didn't meet some requirment, then I went down through that gate and all of a sudden i got an extra cotton and leather jacket, on returning through the gate i got another one of each jacket. It would happen everytime.

So, as you do, I figured I'd try get ridd of it via selling. I couldnt sell more than one. So i did, but apon returning to the shop i didnt get my cotton jacket as an option anymore, even though i had like 7 of them in my inventory.

So i quit, and when i loged on again, i had 1 leather jacket and no cotton jackets. Walking through the gate still duplicates my jacket and it still doesnt equip.

I'm using the linux 0.0.12 release on gentoo.