[REQ]>[WIP] spooky house

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[REQ]>[WIP] spooky house

Post by kinwa » 22 Feb 2009, 02:08

hey there, i just started to try out the mapping arts and me and some friends in the game found, there would be needed a creepy house.

my ideas so far:
- there should be some evil monsters in it, perhaps slimes, scorps, snakes, coming out of some hidden spots.
- it should look a bit like a cave, because its creepy, its made by a very crazy person :lol:, so there are no normal, straight walls and rooms, etc. (i know, its a pity the tiles are made too straight, perhaps we need to improve them)
- there should be something that players look for in that house (good exp for example, but later on there could be added quests also), and then, suddenly, out of nowhere, a ghost or something very strong, fast, but with slow spawnrate appears and chases all the players through the floors
- perhaps somewhere in the overall house there could be added hidden entrances to hidden places or even entrances that spawn you to random places inside the house! (im thinking of a magical mirror for example)

on the picture you can see, what ive done so far.
i cant do monsters or connections to other maps, so i have to say what i further suggest for this map:

- the entrance on the south could be found in one of the new houses in central tulimshar, no necessarily need to make new outdoor tiles for the house, even if it would be nice.
it could also connect some existing houses through the underground.

- until we have other monsters implemented, itd be an idea to add 2 jackos, every one appearing at one of the 2 clocks in this map. it would be best if they had a more random spawning rate, but at least it should be somewhat high (15 min or higher)

- the trapdoor in the left north of the map should lead to a cellar-cave-something-creepy

- the two exits on the right should lead to some further maps inside the house. perhaps at least one of them could be changed to stairs upwards.

- until now i dont know how to take off the lights (like in caves, or at the cemetery map on aethyra), perhaps its a task for server admins too, or you could tell me how to do it.

so far, pictures and map following (yes, ive got no fitting name yet, and yes, the 20 tiles border is cut on the picture, but not on the map), and, hopefully, your thoughts and feelings:
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Re: [REQ]>[WIP] spooky house

Post by Haay » 22 Feb 2009, 10:47

The casino tileset isn't very creepy... Why map something like this when there is no appropriate tileset available?
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Re: [REQ]>[WIP] spooky house

Post by Crush » 22 Feb 2009, 14:25

Some color modifications at the casino tileset (replacing warm colors with cold ones) could fix that. But I would rather prefer a new tileset, because the whole tileset is quite low-quality.
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Re: [REQ]>[WIP] spooky house

Post by Fother » 22 Feb 2009, 21:53

Haay, this is practically calling out for us to work on a tileset for it! :twisted: The abandoned house set! We're both twisted enough to accomplish this!
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