Cave Warp Points

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John P
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Cave Warp Points

Post by John P » 26 Apr 2009, 19:23

I saw this in a post from about a month ago, and wonder if the idea was implemented:

Cave entry points are invisible from the east, west, or south. Will this be altered in future releases? Now, this fun for mappers to create hidden private warps. Does it matter, though, that if I could see through the eyes of my character, I would be able to see the hole in the cave? The fact that I can't doesn't make sense. it feels more like I'm driving an RC car instead of walking in my characters shoes.

The old thread that I am copying from suggested a beam of light cast on the ground when coming in from outside, as a way of recognizing warp points. As far as different levels or areas within a cave, there should be a distinguishable ground marking to show where the warp points are. Upset dirt on the floor, track marks, something.

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Re: Cave Warp Points

Post by Jumpy » 26 Apr 2009, 21:46


some have such as the entry of the cave below snowland village, some don't such as the one just on your right after you come into the cave bafore Jack0 or the one when you go down a tunnel. might be a lot more like the one in woodland forest on north that allows you to enter the cave snake area...

i think it's fun to discover some :) and share with friends ;)

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Re: Cave Warp Points

Post by Fother » 26 Apr 2009, 23:35

I like some of the concealed warp points in the west caves of the mouboo hills (near the flowerist), but I agree that many of the south warp points in caves that have not already been replaced should get the new south exits. As far as east west cave warp points, some tiles for these might be needed.

IMHO, more than improvements for warp point indicators, I'd like to see all of the external and internal dead cave entrances be removed or blocked with the proper obstacles. Nothing is more disappointing when you can't go through a seemingly open entrance. But... perhaps I should chip in a series of maps with many single little rooms spaced well enough apart to help take care of that :|.
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