Skill system (clueless?)

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Skill system (clueless?)

Post by Bear » 09 Jun 2005, 01:06

Well, i was looking in the skill system part of Wiki, its a bit long...

And some things are a bit... unnecesary... for example, do you realy need to level JUMP/Trading/Searching/Running?
Well actualy i can understand running...(stamina)

But what about the rest? i cant find any reason to not just have the skills in a base level... or even a given skill.

Elemental Resistances... Well, to tell the truth is that what if some people just go in front of a spell casting monster and go afk?, that leaves the player to level as he goes AFK..

Trading... whats the point in this!? you should be able to trade as low as you want or as high as you want, you shouldnt have any restrictions or anything...(if you think this is necessary, explain what leveling it would do)

Searching... its not a bad idea, just wanna know what it would do.

Jumping... purely silly :P i dont see the reason not to just know how to jump...

Weapon Skills, Frankly, i think this is a really unbalanced system
What if a person uses a low level character with good HP boosting gears to attack a high level monster over and over with a healer with him? thats like free exp right there.

Magic skill... this one is sensable

(i believe thats all... but the rest are good :o)
By the way, the reason i posted this is because i had a game like this and i used to abuse it like mad XD, press space to attack, and go afk XD
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Post by Bjørn » 09 Jun 2005, 19:49

I'm not sure but you may have a different definition of skills in mind. It's not like you can't trade or jump, the skill is about how well you can trade or jump. The higher your level, the better prices you get for your items and the cheaper you can buy stuff (trade/barter skill), or the further you can jump (jumping could allow you to escape from being surrounded by monsters, maybe, but the bigger the monsters or the more there are, the higher or further you'd need to jump).

You can't go in front of a spell casting monsters and go afk, I mean the monster would simply kill you?

I'm not sure what searching would do.

You won't get XP from simply hitting a monster, instead the experience could build up with each hit and be granted when the monster does die. In this it should be kept in mind that there is a finite (and fixed) amount of experience to be gained from a monster. So there is no benefit in leaving your PC with a brick on the attack button or fighting monsters while somebody else heals them.
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