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New Trees

Post by Savi » 06 May 2009, 18:58

Not sure if I have this in the right area. I was looking at the different fruits and vegetables that have been created and possibly used. With the fruits, why not create a new type of tree which would be fruit trees. To try and get fruit to fall from the tree you would have to take a log that you would acquire from killing the log monster. Take the log and hit the fruit tree. The tree could be alive where you click on the tree and the tree responds "Feel free and hit my bark and you may be rewarded.
When you hit the tree you get a response.
"I'm sorry but I have no fruit today"
"Ahhh, your luck is good".
"You do not have the right item obtain my fruit"
"Ouch, that blade is sharp, hit my trunk with a different item to obtain my fruit"
The tree could also drop bark as well. The bark could be used as an ingredient in a potion of some kind.
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Re: New Trees

Post by Frictor » 07 May 2009, 01:50

Why not just give the tree two seeds like they do in "The Sword of Mana" for GBA and have it grow the fruit for you?
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