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John P
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Post by John P » 24 May 2009, 19:34

Is home buying a possibility? Would anybody even be interested?

Since the storage system is in place, can we put 'treasure chest' items in the houses (like the ones in tulimshar), and sell the homes to users. Create a block at the door for all but the user, or a block that the user can turn on/off at the door. The treasure chest would be storage for items (not that the user wouldn't be able to just throw stuff on the floor ;) )

This would help the economy stabilize a little, especially if certain houses in certain locations cost a lot more. It might help even more if some furniture shops start appearing in town, or if pets can be placed in homes (those disobedient ones that wouldn't follow you around).
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Re: Houses

Post by Crush » 24 May 2009, 19:40

We already had a long discussions about this topic:
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Re: Houses

Post by Habari » 25 May 2009, 18:44

This may be a possible solution :
to have a credible instancing just use the sky wrapper idea the other way round:
Have houses placed in a mine UNDER the ground.
The first level is a cave map , there is a gnome that sells houses in his desk , and another gnome that offers you to take you in his cart (he is a clerk gnome)
Imagine you live in house number 384:
1.You speak to the gnome , you tell him you live in floor 38
2.You enter his cart , and you see an animation in the animation you go through a series of passages and labyrinths underground. arrive at a cave which YOU ASSUME must be floor 38 , in this cave the gnome is on an edge of the map so you can go back (or to another floor) , there are 10 houses on the cave , you enter number 4 (remember your house is 384) , you have a key to enter.

You need a key only if the door is locked , if you leave it open your friends (or anyone) may pass to see you whenever they want , of course you can borrow or copy the key.

In this system floor 38 , would actually exist , and floor 38 always has the same 10 houses , so you can get to know your neighbors or cross them by , the only thing that is fictional is the path to floor 38 , which is the same path for all the 100 or 1000 floors.

It would be better if players DIDN'T chose their house number and got consecutive ones
in order to have less floor maps.

At first you would only have floor one , then as players started requesting houses , gnomes would start caving more and adding levels downer and downer.
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