The Whisper-Tab-Test-Quest :)

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The Whisper-Tab-Test-Quest :)

Post by Hexy » 29 May 2009, 19:53


today... yes today, i still didn't recognise :oops: rochus told me that there is a new chat option in 0.0.29. The Whisper-Tab. He said its possible to activate in the "Configuration-Player-Tab" and i just shell set a hook down in the window.

Im still screaming becaus im so happy :mrgreen:

this is really good, really useful and last but not least really good!

I tested it out, so i found 14 others that whispered me and opend a tab. more i cant open because the side ended, and there was no scrolling function like the item window has for example. So it depends of the length of a nick how many tabs could be opened actually.

Could u make such a scroll-thingy for the GREAT! Whisper-Tabs that i can whisper with all the world plz?

if not, or you think 14 is enough for me to whisper to than take it as feedback ;)
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Re: The Whisper-Tab-Test-Quest :)

Post by John P » 30 May 2009, 16:35

Hexy, you're too popular. I think 14 is plenty, personally.

I like to image TMW-world reasons why things are the way they are, and I consider whispering a part of the magic of mana. We are able to whisper through help of free mana. I think being able to whisper that many people would take too much energy on your characters part to manage at one time. The number of whisper tabs open could even relate to job skill.

Meantime, I believe guild, group, party chats are better option.

Also on this note, we need new version features listed somewhere on the website of the wiki. I'm not even sure what all of the new features are to be honest.
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