walking with mouse

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walking with mouse

Post by verelwar » 04 Jun 2009, 22:00

When I use mouse to walk, I can take "short cuts" by crossing between two walkable tiles that are connected just in the corner, but the tiles next to it are notwalkable.
sth like this:
The step From one X to the other is possible with mouse but not with the keyboard ( O are not walkable).
The point is that when I do it, serwer seems to reject this step and thinks that I haven't moved
(just suspicion judging by monster behavior), and client is not coherent with the serwer,
which looks really odd.

It happend to me on two maps. I'm using Linux 0.0.29 (eAthena) version.
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Re: walking with mouse

Post by aroleon » 05 Jun 2009, 00:29

Me too. I mainly use the keyboard, but use mouse-walking on map 015-1 (west woodland, Alice and cat cave) because it's a labyrinth between the trees.

Then when you go to fight a monster, it is highlighted, but won't fight, because you're not within range.

Trying to exit back across the bridge gets you stuck because although your character is displayed there, you're actually not (as you can see if you exit and restart the client).

I thought it was just me :)
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