Anything special to do?

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Anything special to do?

Post by Haay » 24 Jun 2009, 19:32

Ok, I feel like coming back to Mana World (if anyone even remembers me, lol). I really don't have any clue what's going on so is there anything special projects or something which needs art? I could try to make a monster, though. Never really managed to finish one so... :(

EDIT: Hmh... I noticed my avatar...
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Re: Anything special to do?

Post by Fother » 25 Jun 2009, 05:15

I've been worried sick... (Just ask Jax and Freeyorp...) I have literally "!seen Haay"'d for the past 125 days (well, not everyday), wondering when you'd come back.

Now get out there and pixel darn you! No excuses :evil:

Welcome back :lol:
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