General chat vs Party chat

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General chat vs Party chat

Post by Savi » 16 Aug 2009, 18:19

Is there a way to make General chat and Party chat to look different as in different text color or italic for party chat?
I was fighting in the cave with a group of other players. A GM warped into the area looking for a response from everyone. I always respond when there is a greetings response. Although this time I responded but I was in the Party chat unknowingly and not in the General chat. I didn't realize that until the GM directly asked me to respond. That was when I realized I was in the wrong chat box. I did apologize to the GM right after I sent a greetings response.
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Re: General chat vs Party chat

Post by Kevinhefford » 17 Sep 2009, 16:06

Hey, Omega Sephiroth here

Go to setup, there are plenty of UI changes,

Other than that, going off topic I personally have pulsating blood red bars; and to boot I listen to the Sephiroth theme constantly when I play, it makes me feel over powered.
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