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Post by PranaBR » 18 Aug 2009, 12:19

Monster could have a wee life bar on top for we know if we can kill them or not.

At least beginners monsters should have it for be more easy to know the game.

And that part in the beginning says a npc can help me would be easily if had a quest chart saying i need talk with that npc and this npc being marked on map.

I was changing game screen resolution for test better for i play every time i changed quit left game straight without pass for login screen. would be better when press quit back for login screen or simply add other buttom on esc like relog and so on.

I delaied 6 minutes testing cuz i didnt create shortcut icon. And would be more easy for who has more than 1 char or for those get connection loss.

And npc quest would be nice exist a buttom like a book saying all registered quest i got on npcs a lot of times we can forget about we have that quest with this book with quests registered saying quest state "completed on green/no completed on red" per example. This would be a nice remember chart.

This book could be a item or a buttom or a npc saying all current quest and all completed quest like a reminder and so on.

When we seat the character seat according his foot direction but when we are seated and click for other side per example the character doesnt turn for that side add this feature would be interesting.
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