Healthier In Game Drops

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Healthier In Game Drops

Post by Ceros » 25 Aug 2009, 07:02

With all the candy, cakes, steak, gingerbread and all the other sweetened confections dropped by TMW monsters, I am worried about skyrocketing obesity rates and premature character deaths due to obesity related conditions, such as heart disease. I'd like to see more health monster drops, such as celery. The apples and oranges are a good start, but we need to go further with it!

But seriously, is there anyway we could have programmable-type buttons or at least spell icons like the emotes list? (the one that shows when you hit F12). In the heart of combat I'd rather be able to hit a Function Key or click a button to cast a spell then have to try and type it in while dodging skulls. I'm sure there's probably some sort of unofficial patch that enables this functionality, but official support would be nice.

The programmable part would be in allowing you to specify the target for a heal spell (IE party members). Either that or adding a 'Heal' addition to the right click menu.

But seriously, healthier drops.
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Re: Healthier In Game Drops

Post by Jumpy » 25 Aug 2009, 15:33

are you thinking of ?

diet potion
fiber for breakfast (no brands :D )

eat fruits and steack

maybe some potatoes are missing too :D

just joking :) but i liked your post :)

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