CVS-Bugs listing

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CVS-Bugs listing

Post by jui-feng » 29 Jun 2004, 14:52

This is a list of bugs i noticed in current CVS. Please add bugs you have noticed. :)

<b>-Charname not read/displayed correctly ingame</b> (06/29/04)
The charactername (displayed when chatting) is not displayed correctly. Sometimes its like that: "^^]^]^]^]^]^]", but sometimes more lilke that: "^^^{^". This happens with Linux. (06/30/04: tried again with local eAthena server, works.. is the bug fixed? :D)

<b>-Crashes after pressing cancel...</b> (06/29/04)
The client crashes when canceling most of the dialogs. I think this is not a bug, but a not-yet-coded feature? ;)

<b>-eAthena & NPCs</b> (07/01/04)
NPCs are bugged when using eAthena as server. They show up as players. And there are surely other NPCbugs with eAthena. (Sometimes i'm stuck after a NPC is added)
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Post by ElvenProgrammer » 29 Jun 2004, 20:57

Wrong Password29/06/04

When you insert a wrong password and try again also with the correct one, the client still says you're wrong!