[FIXED] Smilie-Bug

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[FIXED] Smilie-Bug

Post by soap » 29 Jul 2005, 09:47


i have found a little bug...
I was sittung under the well near the minder talking to matt and making a smilie. The well masks the smilies above my head.
I found out that every object is masking the smilies, like trees and so on...

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Post by Bjørn » 13 Nov 2005, 01:00

This is a known problem with the "top" layer, which is drawn on top of everything. With the last release the drawing code for the "fringe" layer was adapted so that more of the objects could be moved there instead of needing the top layer, which fixes this issue.

When we eventually get to releasing 0.0.18 this should be fixed mostly.