Warrior Quest Chain And Skills.

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Warrior Quest Chain And Skills.

Post by Dynamicfilter » 29 Oct 2009, 01:52

After playing the game for a while it occurred that even though the magic development of the game is going very nicely and is very enjoyable to use, the melee side of the game is being left alone (Which is fair enough as its called The 'Mana' World). So i though i would do something instead of waiting :)

I have started making a basic Quest line for Melee based character that basically follows the story... Was a strong warrior called Dynam who had a really powerful sword and created a guild of warriors and was finally killed by a guild of mages. I know the story is crap but that's why i am here.
I'm looking for some people to work with for both idea's and sprite and map designing. I am cool to work with all the npc and quest scripting and hosting the server for those helping me to gain access.
I am looking to make the guild a way of getting more Quests and Exp along with getting some nice gear for warriors only.

Some notes and ideas of my own.
1) Add skill restriction to join the guild much like learning magic skills from npc's currently.
2) Add Melee skills for warriors.
3) Create new weapons and armor designed for warriors.

Any ideas or interested in helping, PM me or leave some details on here.
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