Error when running TMW on linux

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Error when running TMW on linux

Post by DarknessIncludes » 22 Aug 2005, 09:48


ive been using the windows tmw client as ive been on windows recently but i just got back on linux and compiled tmw from cvs on linux (slackware 10.1 based with kernel and got this error:

bash-3.00# tmw
Fatal Signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)

wtf? lol. the specs i can think of are below, feel free to ask for more if needed.

Distro: LDIOS (Slackware 10.1 based)
SDL: 1.2.8
ZLIB: 1.2.2
cURL: 7.12.2
Guichan: 0.4.0
Physfs: 1.1.0
ALSA-Lib: 1.0.9
Audiofile: 0.2.6
Esound: 0.2.35
Lib-OGG: 1.1.2
Automake: 1.9.5
Autoconf: 2.59
GCC 3.3.5
Make: 3.80

Did the CVS checkout about an hour b4 i posted this.
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Post by degen » 25 Sep 2005, 10:40

^^ Physfs needs to be downgraded to 1.0.1 or 1.0.0 :)

thats the only one i see now of installed wares that would prevent the game to run sucessfully

Also make sure you have SDL_image and SDL_mixer
:P i had to reinstall them and then reinstall tmw afterwards.
(also just for the sake pointing out that for openGL support you need to configure with the openGL prefix as stated in the install.txt)

and do reed the dependincies requirement on the (link)wiki(/link).

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Post by biggeruniverse » 26 Sep 2005, 05:12

can you run it this way and post the output?

bash-3.00# gdb <full path to tmw>

When it segfaults and gdb halts, type 'bt' to get a backtrace of the stack. That will come in handy.
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