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Map Naming

Post by Bear » 25 Aug 2005, 01:37

Map Development.
If i havent said it already, i believe it wouldnt be the best idea to release maps a little at a time.
What i propose we do is.... Right after Finishing Tulimshar/ Tonori Desert. We go into overdrive and begin working on the next area.
Every area we finish, we release in patches... Roughly 10 maps each??

I think it would be realy realy boring if we released less than 5 maps at a time.

Also i believe a change in map name is necessary. It would be wierd when we have alot of maps...
we have new_1-1 all the way to new_7-1

i propose we name them with a style that ragnarok uses.

for example Tulimshar would be...
tul_main would be the outside of the town
tul_res would be the residential area of the town
tul_shop would be a shopping square or something. where players can sell their goods to other people.
tul_in01 would be the map that contains rooms to go into from the warps.
tul_in02 would be the map that contains rooms to go into from the warps.
tul_fild01 would be a Field associated with Tulimshar, in otehrwords a part of the outskirts.

So basicaly tul comes from Tulimshar then a underscore _ then whatever you want to name it.

I propose we rename the current maps to..
new_1-1 to tul_fild01
new_2-1 to tul_dun01
new_3-1 to tul_main
new_4-1 to tul_test
new_5-1 to tul_palace01
new_6-1 to tul_arena
new_7-1 to tul_fild02

the sooner we get this done, the better. Seeing as we only need to change a few small things for now.
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Post by ElvenProgrammer » 25 Aug 2005, 07:46

I don't know if you left the game or you're still with us, anyway I'll answer you: you didn't tell us why you think it could be boring to release one map at a time, I can't see the problem in it. If we release maps in packages of 10 for example then players will have to wait at least 6 months for an update, and believe me, players don't want this way.

About renaming maps, I'd really like to, but every time I tryed to use custom name I made athena crash. Maybe I'm forgetting something, maybe it's not possible, I don't know. Probably you know how to do it?
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I havent left :l

Post by Bear » 25 Aug 2005, 08:29

Well, to answer your question, I havent left :o

And the reason for me to say that releasing maps one at a time..... its hard to describe, but i would rather suddenly have alot to explore than to have one or two constantly. Like that, i would get used to the 2 older maps and dont find them interesting anymore...

Umm, for re-naming maps >.> It should work, in a private server i had, i had some copied maps. These copied maps could be named whatever you like. I believe you need to use only letters and numbers and a underscore to take the space.

hence my Tul_fild01
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