guichan [cannot find sdl.h]

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guichan [cannot find sdl.h]

Post by win32.developer » 26 Aug 2005, 11:12

Im using the guichan libary (devpak) and i have sdl installed and i have done much development with SDL in past times.
I am using devcpp for programming and do porgramming in C++.

I am trying guichan out i herd it was pretty good and it looks it on this game, so i downloaded the devpak installed it and looked around for tutorial and found one on the guichan website.

I copied an entire tutorial (i think tutorial 2) but when it hits the line #include <guichan/sdl.hpp>
it gives me an error similar to:

some path with bin/... and other things
sdl.h dosent exist

but i checked and it does exist so anyone know why the program wont find it ?

sorry for my bad english.
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Post by maci » 26 Aug 2005, 11:37


when you install the devpak there is a text like

"be sure the path to your SDL.h is set in your c++ includes"
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