[DIS] [WIP] Unarmed SFX

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[DIS] [WIP] Unarmed SFX

Post by bcs86 » 27 Dec 2009, 06:04

Unarmed attacks have been using fist-swish.ogg

I haven't been able to add other unarmed combat SFX such as "strike" and "swing"... Maybe I've been editing in the wrong place, I had been editing the "magic fist" part of items.xml.

Anyhow, I've been working to add more to the available unarmed SFX.

Applied a little equalization filtering through Audacity to remove some grainy noise in the existing fist-swish.
Created an impact sound by hitting a roll of paper then changing the pitch.
Combined fist-swish and impact.ogg to form an affirmative hit.
The two sounds really don't need to be in the same file. Can there be both a swing and a separate hit noise happening in one attack?

If I have more to add I'll put it here. Contributions from others are also encouraged.
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Re: [DIS] [WIP] Unarmed SFX

Post by Rotonen » 01 Jan 2010, 12:18

Ooh, SFX work, me likey.

What I'd like for most SFX to have is a pool of 3-5 varieties of each sound in a random pool of sounds the client picks from. Also you should clearly hear what is a critical hit and what is not.

Separating swing and hit sounds also brings the extra nicety of actually being able to clearly hear what was a miss.
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