Facial expressions for new playersprite

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Facial expressions for new playersprite

Post by Anonymous!!! » 01 Jan 2010, 06:50

Okay, I saw the mention of giving facial expressions to the character which I quite liked...
So I decided I might post my ideas for it.
Now firstly:
It would be great to create expressions but it would take WAY too many poses... here is my solution:

Create a faceless player-sprite and use the face to act as a sort of add on like hair.
Maybe there can be a separate emote menu for expressions to appear on the players face...

Another idea for the face is you create your own face... choose the eyes, the mouth the nose etc.
But that would mean more work on all the combinations...
yet again that can be solved by taking the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth etc and making them separate graphics.

This method could also be used to give the ability for the player to invent their species.

The player could also be forced face expressions such as 'hurt means a face that looks like they dropped a brick on their toe, or even a crying face.

This would take quite a bit of work though...


I hope you like my idea :)
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Re: Facial expressions for new playersprite

Post by Jaxad0127 » 01 Jan 2010, 07:52

We're looking at separate head sprites.
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Re: Facial expressions for new playersprite

Post by Rotonen » 01 Jan 2010, 10:52

Completing the spriteset for the player takes priority over details like this.
This message used to be meaningful.
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