non-virtual thunk [nv:-120] to gcn:

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non-virtual thunk [nv:-120] to gcn:

Post by amok » 22 Sep 2005, 16:21


When I try to compile tmw ,i get the following error messages (much of them) :

non-virtual thunk [nv:-120] to gcn:: TextBox::mousePress(int, int, int)'

What does this mean ?
All needed librarys are there.

I am using ubuntu linux. I got the source via cvs,because the apt-get sources didn t work either.
Im confused because ,other people dont have this problems...

thanks amok
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Post by Bjørn » 22 Sep 2005, 18:02

Thunk mismatches are probably because Guichan and TMW were not compiled with the same version of gcc, in particular with incompatible versions for example combining < 3.4 with >= 3.4.

I think the Guichan in our repository is compiled with >= 3.4, while I'm pretty sure Ubuntu Hoary uses < 3.4. To solve this problem you should compile Guichan yourself or upgrade to Ubuntu Breezy.

But isn't the binary tmw package in our apt-get repository supposed to work?