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Post by noivil » 28 Sep 2005, 16:31

This might seem silly and may not even apply. =x
People always want more variety. Ie, more skills/abilities, quests, equipment, maps, content, etc, etc, etc. This gives people more things to do but what happens after they do everything? People will want more. Adding more and more static content might not be enough and might take a heavy toll on the creators of the content.

How about some sort of generators? For instance, how about equipment generators? Allowing equipment to have many different possible statistics and calculating some overall rating for the equipment generated. Then randomly distributing such equipment as drops from monsters that require a relatively similar difficulty to acquire, compared with the equipment's overall rating? This could possibly allow for an almost infinite variety of equipment that could have various bonuses and penalties of some sort (to keep things balanced).

Or instead of having them randomly generated and dropped. How about having players create them somehow through various combinations of effects?
For instance, having them acquire standard equipment and doing things to the equipment to modify them somehow (although any bonus(es) should include some penality(s) of similar magnitude to balance everything).
Or possibly allowing their creation by characters along with being randomly generated and dropped by monsters?

Afterwards, people could just think of various effects (bonuses and penalties) to add to such equipment and the possibilities could be endless?

I think the idea would be that just by devising new base variables (such as effects of equipment), many more possibilities and combinations could automatically be spawned (either through generators or human (player) ingenuity), which would result in much more content.

I could only really think of how to apply this to equipment though =x
Maybe it could be applied to other areas?
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Post by Crush » 28 Sep 2005, 17:34

tmw is in a very early development state right now. i agree that it doesn't have much gameplay and features yet. to be honest i wouldn't even call the game very entertaining yet. the only reason why it is already open for public is to attract new developers, to find bugs and to get feedback.

but there is much planed for the future. at the moment the gameplay is limited because we use ragnarok online server software which doesn't give us much room for gameplay customisation. but we are currently developing our own server software which will give us many more posibilities. the game concept will be completely different from what it is now. many features are quite similar to the things you are suggesting. read a little bit in the wiki when you want to know what we got in mind for the future.
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