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TMW Organization

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The Mana World Team (TMWT)



  • The purpose of the TMWT is to make or delegate decisions regarding the running of The Mana World (TMW).
  • There are different scopes under TMWT's authority in order to balance and separate the projects responsibility and management.
  • TMWT understands that all members are here to help each other fulfil the common vision of making a Open Source 2D MMORPG.
  • Someone can hold part or all of a role and not be a TMWT member, but they need to have the required knowledge or experience to fulfill that role.
  • To become a TMWT member, you need to gain in membership in the one of the following categories of contributors; Game Master, Server Admin, or Developer and must be approved by a majority of TMWT.
  • In the event that no TMWT members remain, but roles are fulfilled by non-TMWT members, those members may assume TMWT title to fulfill TMWT's duties to the best of their ability.
  • The board will be the SPI Liaison or appoint one.

Issues which require a TMWT vote

  • Changes to TMWT governance and/or Organization
  • Changes to Game, Forum, Etiquette and Wiki rule changes. (not guidelines)
  • Voting a member into TMWT or to adviser status or to revoke membership or ban a member.

How to conduct a TMWT vote

  • A poll must be opened in the "TMW Team" private section of the forums.
  • The poll will allow re-voting and a running time will be set for 7 days or more.
  • Once the first vote has been cast (excluding any vote by the poll author), the poll duration may not be reduced.


  • If a member becomes inactive (stops) in their contributions for a period longer than 1 year, they will be moved to adviser status.
  • Prior members only have to show activity again to regain status.
  • Any member can call a vote to revoke someone's membership or ban a member.
  • At any time, any member may revoke their own membership or opt for adviser status.


General Duties

  • Maintain guidelines for contributors to follow on the wiki.
  • Maintain documentation on changes made.
  • Provide tutorials, training and/or time to newer contributors.
  • Leadership among the contributors will be done without coercion.
  • Addressing community Forums posts / polls / suggestions.

Game Masters

  • Responsible for moderating and enforcing the rules of the game, wiki and forums.
  • All Game Masters are members of The Mana World Team.
  • To become a Game Master, a person must be voted in by the player community

Server Admins

  • Are those that have ssh access to the server and are responsible for server restarts, maintenance, and the general health of the server overall.
  • Are those that are Forum Admins and/or Wiki Admins.
  • Are those that deal with Account resets/info and aid in GM investigations.
  • To become a member of this group, a person must first show the appropriate knowledge and willingness to devote time.


  • Programmers are responsible for making changes to the code base.
  • Content Creators are responsible for adding quests, items and monsters either via scripting, mapping, sound, client theme or pixel art.
  • Web developers are responsible for the website's front and/or back-end work.
  • Translators work on client, server and wiki data to provide them in as many languages as we can.
  • Developer group maintains a visible project plan.
  • To become a member of this group, a person must show appropriate knowledge, contribute to the project and learn and gain 'git' access.


  • To become a member of this group, a person needs to be a prior contributor and TMWT member.
  • No longer actively contribute.
  • Allowed to vote/post as TMWT.


In case of discrepancies between this document and the Policies website, the version that is present at shall be considered authoritative and prevail over this document.
Similarly, in case of discrepancies between translations of this document and the original English version, the latter shall prevail over the translation.

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