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TMW Organization - TMW Team

Post by Jenalya » 13 Mar 2013, 17:46

The Mana World Collective (TMWC)

  • The purpose of the TMWC is to make or delegate decisions regarding the running of The Mana World (TMW).
  • There are different scopes under TMWC's authority in order to balance and separate the projects responsibility and management.
  • TMWC understands that all members are h8ere to help each other fulfill the common vision of making a Open Source 2D MMORPG.
  • Someone can hold part or all of a role and not be a TMWC member, but they need to have the required knowledge or experience to fulfill that role.
  • To become a TMWC member, you need to gain in membership in the one of the following categories of contributors; Game Master,Server Admin, or Developer and must be approved by a majority of TMWC.
  • In the event that no TMWC remain, but roles are fulfilled by non-TMWC members. Those members may assume
  • TMWC title to fulfill TMWC's duties to their best ability.
  • The board will be the SPI Liaison or appoint one.
Issues which require a TMWC vote:
  • Changes to TMWC governance and/or Organization
  • Changes to Game, Forum, Etiquette and Wiki rule changes. (not guidelines)
  • Voting a member into TMWC or to adviser status or to revoke membership or ban a member.
  • If a member becomes inactive (stops) in their contributions for a period longer than 1 year, they will be moved to adviser status.
  • Prior members only have to show activity again to regain status.
  • Any member can call a vote to revoke someone's membership or ban a member.
  • At any time, any member may revoke their own membership or opt for adviser status.

General Duties
  • Maintain guidelines for contributors to follow on the wiki.
  • Maintain documentation on changes made.
  • Provide tutorials, training and/or time to newer contributors.
  • Leadership among the contributors will be done without coercion.
  • Addressing community Forums posts / polls / suggestions
Game Masters
  • Responsible for moderating and enforcing the rules of the game, wiki and forums.
  • All Game Masters are members of The Mana World Collective.
  • To become a Game Master, a person must be voted in by the player community
Server Admins
  • Are those that have ssh access to the server and are responsible for server restarts, maintenance, and the general health of the server overall.
  • Are those that are Forum Admins and/or Wiki Admins.
  • Are those that deal with Account resets/info and aid in GM investigations.
  • To become a member of this group, a person must first show the appropriate knowledge and willingness to devote time.
  • Programmers are responsible for making changes to the code base.
  • Content Creators are responsible for adding quests, items and monsters either via scripting, mapping, sound, client theme or pixel art.
  • Web developers are responsible for the website's front and/or back-end work.
  • Translators work on client,server and wiki data to provide them in as many languages as we can.
  • Developer group maintains a visible project plan.
  • To become a member of this group, a person must show appropriate knowledge, contribute to the project and learn and gain 'git' access.
  • To become a member of this group, a person needs to be a prior contributor and TMWC member.
  • No longer actively contribute.
  • Allowed to vote/post as TMWC.


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